Jed Lea-Henry is a writer, teacher and academic. Born in Australia, educated at La Trobe University and Deakin University, Jed Lea-Henry is the author of: ‘A Poggean Approach to Mass Atrocities: Addressing Indeterminacy and Failures of Political Will for Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility to Protect’. This is a multifaceted analysis of the history of humanitarian intervention/humanitarian aid, the creation of a new moral framework, and an analysis of international reforms and international development projects that can help mitigate against future occurrences of mass atrocities.

With specialisations in Korean Studies, Humanitarian Intervention, Conflict Studies, Radicalization, and Moral Philosophy, Jed Lea-Henry has taught a range of courses whilst working as a university lecturer and researcher.

Jed Lea-Henry is a writer, with a long and diverse publication record. As a regular contributor to numerous publications, Jed has published opinion pieces, journalistic reports, think-tank discussions, academic research, long-form essays and fiction, in print media, online magazines and academic platforms. His writing, as well as his lectures, encompasses a wide range of topics, but predominantly focuses on human conflict, moral responsibility and issues relating to the Korean peninsula.

Jed is also the host of the Korea Now Podcast, in which he interviews academics, professionals and other experts on topics related to the history, sociology and political development of the two Korea’s.